Welcome to Red Moon Rising Exclusive Spanking Parties.

At our spanking parties, we aim to provide our guests and very own ‘Red Moons’ spankee troupe with a safe, consensual and discreet environment to enjoy their spanking desires.

Red Moon Rising’s Exclusive Spanking Parties are like no other!

We pride ourselves in offering a bespoke party like you have never experienced before, with a range of spankees that come from your favorite spanking films, renowned spankees, new spankees that are just joining the scene, and spankees exclusive to our parties.

Our ‘Red Moons’ will want to entertain you, so you will want to return again and again to keep their bottoms as red as their outfits!


Parties will be held at a large venue in Walsall, West Midlands on Tuesdays from 12pm – 6pm where we will take over 3 spacious themed rooms to entertain our spanking guests.

Attendance is by prior booking only by email to redmoonrisingspecialevents@yahoo.com

The venue provides a large secure car park and is only a few minutes walk from the local train station.

Parties are held on a monthly basis and themes each month will vary.

Below are the themes for our first party and an outline of the day’s events. Although themes may vary from party to party, this will give you an example of what you can expect when you join us at one of our unique spanking party events!

Party Format

Round 1

The theme for round 1 will be our School room, complete with traditional school desks, blackboards and more to provide the right ambiance for you to watch our ladies as they do a live show school roleplay .

  • Our school Headmistress and Teacher will role play a real school detention room with our spankees dressed in traditional school uniforms.
  • We will bring you back to the days of watching as the naughty girls got scorned and taken over the knee or the teachers desk for some well deserved discipline or if they are really naughty a hand tawse may be in order.
  • As expected this will not be enough of a deterrent for our naughty ladies so they will be sent to you to complete their punishment.
  • Each spanker will get their turn to spank each lady and show them the error of their ways.
  • Our spankers who like to switch can go to the teacher and headmistress to confess to their misdemeanors for a sound spanking.
  • After teaching the ladies the lesson they so rightfully deserved, you can join them in our social room where you will find refreshments to refuel yourself and get ready for the next round of fun.

Round 2

The theme for round 2 will be the Domestic Setting.

  • Relax on our leather sofas and chairs as you watch the traditionally dressed maids taking their cleaning orders from the two Head maids for our second live show performance.
  • All cleaning jobs will be inspected and a thorough paddling administered to any maids that leave even a speck of dirt behind.
  • Spankers will each get their turn to administer 6 of the best to all of the cleaning maids and if desired see the Head maids to receive a paddling of their own.
  • Another refreshment break will then be provided.

Round 3

The theme for round 3 will be the Prison room. All prisoners will be locked in the cells with two prison officers providing the live show performance, detering  the prisoners from re-offending.

  • Each prisoner will be taken from the cell, made to confess and given up to 12 strokes of the cane depending on what you the jury decide.
  • Each juror can then give each offender 6 of the best to complete their sentence.
  • The prison officers will also see to those jurors that like to switch.
  • We will finish off the days activities back in the social room where you can have further refreshments, socialise and have a 10 min one to one time with one of our ladies in private any of our rooms before we say our farewells for the day.