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NEXT PARTY: 01/09/2020 Mischievous Maids

  • Round 1- The mischievous maids have been hired to deep clean a large boardroom for a multi billion dollar company. Things are going well and all the maids are dusting, polishing and cleaning to the best of their abilities when suddenly a $100,000 dollar vase is knocked from the bookshelf and crashes to the floor smashing to tiny pieces. The board of directors here the smash and all enter the room in a hurry. The only way to deal with this atrocity will be with a sound hand spanking for all the maids until the culprit admits to their mistake.
  • Round 2- The mischievous maids have been called to their head office to be reprimanded for the loss of the multi billion dollar company’s account with the maid cleaning service. If the maids do not want to loose their jobs they will have to take the discipline that their superiors see fit. 6 strokes of the leather paddle each from all managers seems like the necessary course of action in this instance.
  • Round 3- Now that the mischievous maids have been taught a lesson its time for some retraining. Our head maid knows exactly how to whip these ladies into shape. The white glove test will be undertaken and if the slightest speck of dust or dirt id found the mischievous maids will be given 6 strokes of the dragon cane from the head maid and all the company’s managers.

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Future Parties

Our Ladies: The ‘Red Moons’ that will be attending each party will be announced prior to every event.

  • 01st September 2020
  • 06th October 2020
  • 03rd November 2020
  • 01st December 2020

Party Times: All parties with run from 12pm to 6pm.

Cost: Party contribution is £150. Guests attending for the first time will be required to pay a £50 membership fee to be paid in advance which will secure your place and entitle you to all our membership benefits.


As Red Moon Rising Special Events is a Members Club for like minded individuals we require an annual membership fee of £50 to join. There are many benefits to becoming a member with us which will provide you with Discounts off of our other products and exclusive rights to join our social parties.

Membership Benefits

  • Quarterly Social Parties with £10 off the entry contribution of £20.
  • Exclusive invites to our Annual Dinner Party.
  • 10% off all videos on our manyvids store.
  • 50% off our MVCrush which gives you exclusive content including clips, images, stories and updates from all the ladies in the RedMoons Troupe.
  • 50% off our manyvids membership which entitles you to watch all our movies for free.
  • Attend 3 consecutive Spanking Parties and get £25 off your 4th party.
  • Bring a New Member and get £30 off your party fee
  • Password to our members only area
  • Our Red Moons offer discounted one-one sessions with them when booked at one of our parties. Please arrange with individual ladies as this is not a service RMRSE provides or receives any monetary gain from .
  • 25% off Custom made videos.