Feedback from our launch Party

The girls did very well today! By behaving very badly ☺️☺️ Looking forward to the next party already!

A lovely Event to Launch an enterprising new Company. They all worked hard and and even our cheeky lil Dom Lady went home with a bruise that may be hard to explain!! I will certainly be there when they repeat this in 3 months time. Watch out for their films and site launch. Something a little bit different?

Thank you had a great time, I think my ass was nearly a red as some of the girls.

Thank you so much. I enjoyed it to was an amazing evening and can not wait to have another one. Thank you to everyone that came

It was an absolute pleasure to be there

Was a fantastic event and great to have a new group to keep us all up to date. Xx

It was a brilliant afternoon/evening and well worth coming all the way from London for. Do you think another cast member can arrange to have her “birthday” to coincide with the next party? 😃

Feedback from Naughty Nurses Spanking Party 17/07/2020

  • Just wanted to say a hooooooge thanks for inviting me yesterday; had a bwwwilliant time! I’ll certainly be popping along in future if you’d be kind enough to invite me…! 👍🏾
  • Party was great , definitely the kinkiest one I’ve ever been to !Can make the next one , warn me if Laura attends again so I can bring some earplugs !!
  • Good morning, What a wonderful party, you girls were amazing, really enjoyed and I think all the guys enjoyed. I will be there on August party.
  • Thank you. It was a remarkable day and so much more than I had expected. I reckon the other guys will be as enthusiastic about the event as I am. Not sure how you could improve on it but certainly a great platform to build upon.
  • My debut at parties and made to feel so welcome that i cannot wait for the next one, and the next one…